We are ready for Kinderfest 2017!

Kinderfest 2016 was BIGGER THAN EVER

But still completely free, thanks to our sponsors, Kindervendors and volunteers!

Kinderfest provides a fun and festive atmosphere for families with the help of our Kindervendors.  Kindervendors are kid or family-oriented businesses that want to get exposure to hundreds of local families by running a free activity or game for kids! You bring 3 people to run your booth and the game, small prizes, and info about your business.  We will provide the game, booth space and tent. We also have opportunities for kid-oriented artisans. 

In addition to games, Kinderfest will feature its own beer tent, food vendors, entertainment at Walker Pavilion, climbing wall, and inflatables.

Join us for the best day of the year!



Become a Kindervendor!  

Exposure to hundreds of families!

Beer, Food and Entertainment to help drive traffic your way!

Free Booth space, tent and game rental

Free advertising on our website and in social media!

Over 20 years of Oktoberfest traditions!

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Kindervendor Activity Hosts are 3-person teams, whose booth will host a game for kids. Kindervendor Artisan Hosts provide an art - such as facepainting or henna for free for children.
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Please indicate the small prizes you would like to bring as a Kindervendor Activity Host. Last year, our Kindervendors indicated they gave approximately 750 prizes per activity
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