The Town of Lovettsville, known as the “German Settlement”, was established by the Virginia General Assembly in 1835. The town began as a settlement of German immigrants who had relocated from Pennsylvania to this area in 1732. The town was named for David Lovett, who laid out the street plan and is now home to over 1750 people.


While we are not celebrating the marriage of our Crown-Prince during Lovettsville’s Oktoberfest; we doannuallycelebrate our heritage and the wonderful town in which we live! That is not to say we are void of Royalty here in Lovettsville, we celebrate our festival with the King and Queen of the Oktoberfest. Pleas take time to meet our “royals” as they take to the streets to visit with us commoners.


Thank you for joining in our celebration. Please enjoy our food, drink, music, games, crafts, restaurants, stores, and vendors, but most of all, enjoy our people!